The Health Benefits of a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Never even heard of a Himalayan rock salt lamp before? I know I hadn’t before a little while ago. Sounds a bit weird right? Why do I care about a Himalayan rock salt lamp and what’s this Greek Guru Guy posting about it having health benefits? Yea right it does. What a bunch of bologna.

Well, that’s exactly what I thought when I first came across this great way to help you sleep better and be more calm. Its also been a great way to help me meditate as well. I sometimes use this at night to set the mood for a relaxing meditation, and then leave it on throughout the night as well. At the very least it is an awesomely cool lamp/nightlight! But as it turns out it actually does have some benefits to it. I am not an expert on the Himalayan rock salt lamps so instead I guide you to a website that has experts in this. It is quite interesting information and has helped me sleep more smoothly and calm throughout the night. Please read the below article and if you are still interested then check out the link all the way at the bottom that will direct you to Amazon where you can actually buy a lamp like the one I have for less than $20!

Amazon Link:

Namaste. God Bless.

— The Greek Guru Guy

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