Smartphone App to Help Focus and Relax While at Work

There is a new app that I have recently been introduced too, and that app is called focus@will. It is basically a smartphone app that plays relaxing music to help keep you focused and relaxed. It is basically only instrumentals and no vocals, but this is intended to help keep you focused because sometimes the vocals in songs can divert your focus from what you are doing as you sing a long with that song’s lyrics.

Their website states that these music channels are specifically scientifically designed to engage your brain’s limbic system. This soothes the easily distracted fight or flight mechanism increasing attention span and overall focus. They developed this app and music in conjunction with leading neuroscientists and professors of psychology at UCLA.  They have even conducted research on the app’s music effects on brain electrical activity and brain function. Below is a link to the research study. Feel free to assess the research for yourself.

Click to access White-Paper-on-Focus@Will-Reading-Research.pdf

Give this app a look. I highly recommend it. I use it myself and I have noticed a difference in my ability to get my work done and be productive in my writing. At the very least it is an app that plays relaxing tunes, and I don’t know about you but when I am relaxed I seem to do much better work!

P.S. I am not getting paid to say this. I just like to recommend things that I think could help 🙂

Namaste. Peace and Prosperity to all.

-Greek Guru Guy

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