Inspiration is the being “in spirit” with whichever higher power you believe in. That could be God, source, energy, yourself, nature. Anything. Inspiration only comes when you allow yourself to be in spirit. Spiritual guru and medical doctor Deepak Chopra likes to say that praying is you talking to your higher power. When we are in spirit with the energy force, or God, that permeates through all of us, this higher power talks to us through, that’s right you guessed it, inspiration. Don’t expect actual words or an email from your higher power, but subtle signs in your life which should inspire you. Just make sure you’re in spirit enough to be able to recognize these inspiring signals.

Many say to use meditation to become in spirit with your higher power because of its calming and mindfullness effects. Through these effects, meditation allows you to become inspired, but that’s not the only way to be in spirit and become inspired. Find your way to be in spirit and be inspired. Meditate. Paint. Pray. Exercise. Garden. Cook. Go to church. There are many ways to do this. Many people believed in, and still do believe in, transcendence through sex. So go have some more sex. It may get you inspired. Open your horizons and find what gets you in spirit. There is no one way to do this. Praying may work for you, but it won’t for others and it’s not the only route to inspiration. Find your own personal “zen zone” and finds what makes you inspired. You will find that life comes easier after you do this.

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