21 Day Meditation Challenge

21 day meditation challenge accepted! 👍🏼😃 Day 1 starts today! I will be using a guided meditation via the Calm app on my smartphone (I highly recommend using this app for beginners and even for more advanced meditation individuals). Every day will be a different meditation focused on various aspects on mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, and overall holistic, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Follow my 21 day journey as I post every day on my meditation progress and give updates on the journey. Simply follow my journey on social media (Instagram – greek_guru_guy) (Twitter – @GreekGuruGuy) (Facebook – facebook.com/GreekGuruGuy) or comment/like to help encourage, motivate, or even congratulate me if you wish. Or better yet, follow my journey so you can start your own 21 day meditation challenge. Researchers and scientists nowadays say that doing anything for 21 days straight helps make it a habit that you can continue doing. So come follow my journey and then start your own 21 day meditation habit yourself.

Stay calm and stay cool everyone.


στην υγεια μας


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