Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

You can quit a job, a relationship, a friend, a school, a commitment, a religion, a hobby, or anything else you want. You must do what feels right and what you want to do. Choose when you’re able to find at least a few minutes of calm even if it’s one time a week for 5 minutes. Quit whatever you want. But don’t quit on yourself. Never. Ever. I don’t allow you to. I won’t allow you to. You will make it through this. Time heals all wounds. Just don’t quit on yourself and the universe will at some point set it all straight for you. Be kind, be honest, and be of service. Especially to yourself and others. You can quit people, just treat them kindly when you do, and remember that I don’t allow you to quit on yourself. The Greek Guru Guy does not allow you to do so.

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