Happiness Starts By Changing These 4 Habits


Everyone keeps talking about being happy like its so easy right? Especially those people who are happy! They just look so happy and easy going. They talk about being happy like it is such an easy thing, but that’s because they are happy already right! I bet they have some sort of magic or something right?! Its so easy for them! But how do the rest of us who aren’t already so happy get to this point of being happy?

Well, the trail to happiness starts off by clearing the road blocks to the happiness that is already within us! We as humans all seem to be susceptible to the trap of thinking that something outside of ourselves can and will make us happy. A new job. A new spouse. A new home. Better behaved kids. Its almost always something outside of ourselves that we attribute our unhappiness and our happiness towards. The truth is that we just have to brush off the dust that’s clouding and blurring our happiness sparkle. So what are some things that we have to release or change  in order to brush the dirt off our shoulders? These are not in any particular order nor do you have to start anywhere first.

All thoughts that are not love can be released. Loving thoughts feel inspired and free. Fearful or judgmental thoughts feel tight and like you’re stuck. One way to help clear your mind of negative judgmental thoughts is to practice mindfulness meditation and yoga. These practices will help you calm your mind so you can release your fearful thoughts. Then practice using positive affirmations throughout your day so you can train your mind to be more positive and see the good in life instead of the bad. Always choose love over fear. Always choose positive uplifting thoughts over negative judgmental thoughts. All the time. Every time.

A belief is simply a reoccurring thought that has formed into a belief. What we believe in, we create. Do you believe that the universe is a good and helpful universe or a negative and defeating universe? Do you believe that people are inherently good or inherently bad? Identify those beliefs that are limiting your ability to be happy and commit to releasing them every moment of your life.

When we stop blocking or hiding our emotions out of fear, we then allow emotions to surface and release. We can finally clear emotional patterns from ourselves that were blocking us from happiness and abundance. Never hide who you are because if you do you are subtly implying that you are not good enough, or that there is something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. Just remember that. Feeling is healing. Happiness is always open to coming our way in many different ways, but it’s up to us to open the pathways.

The actions or behaviors we take directly affect our happiness. Start paying attention to those which lower or drain your energy, and then stop doing them. The way we feel can be a very good indicator of those actions or behaviors that we should release. It’s important to listen to our inner guide, or our gut instinct, because it usually knows best. Plus, what’s the point of doing things that do nothing but make us feel terrible and exhausted? On the other hand, start paying attention to those actions that make you feel inspired and energetic and make a conscious effort to keep doing those. Even if those around you make fun of you or tell you that you can’t do it or won’t make it. As long as you are not directly hurting anyone else in the process, if it makes you feel energized and inspired, keep doing it.

To achieve continuous happiness, start by releasing your negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. I believe in you. You deserve happiness.

Namaste. God Bless.

Greek Guru Guy

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