10 Home Remedies for Anxiety

Bye Anxiety Small

These are some simple ways to deal with anxiety, and they can be usually done or found right inside the comfort of your home. Why not give these a spin before resorting to anything like medication or even giving up?

1.) Include Exercise into Your Daily Routine – Are you getting regular exercise? Be honest to yourself. Exercise is probably the best remedy for anxiety. It doesn’t matter what kind: bike, hike, swim, run, play a sport, do whatever as long as the heart is pumping and you are up and moving around.  Exercising releases endorphins while reducing adrenaline and cortisol, two stress hormones that contribute to anxiety. Target around six aerobic 30-minute workouts a week.  Aerobic workouts are the most advantageous as they raise the heart rate.

Moving around more and getting some exercise simply put boosts our mood.  A study at Princeton University has recently discovered that exercise produces new neurons and shuts them down when not needed. When anxiety is present, brain cells are firing at the same time, causing the brain to feel overwhelmed. These new neurons help release the neurotransmitter GABA, which in turn slows down brain activity, preventing other brain cells from firing along. As a result, the brain during exercise is in a more peaceful state.

In fact, exercise of any form has been shown to be as or even more effective than antidepressants. Also, if you can get some exercise by doing something outside, whether it’s actual exercise or some chore/work that at least gets you up and moving around outside, that would be the most ideal form to help reduce feelings of anxiety.  The exposure to fresh clean air and sunshine can also brighten your mood very quickly.  Get some of that vitamin D.

2. )Meditate / “Yogic Breathing” – Depending on where and when our anxious feelings occur, we may be limited in how they’re dealt with. Meditation and/or yogic breathing are a great way to help ease anxiety, and the ingredients of meditation are simply proper breathing and a quiet environment. You do not have to go far. Within your home, find the quietest spot there is and spend some alone time without any distractions such as phone, music, etc.

Yogic breathing nourishes your blood with oxygen, thereby keeping your cells healthy and happy. To do this, inhale via your nose, taking it slow then exhaling through your mouth. You can include this in your morning ritual, or you can do the yogic breathing several times a day, when you are feeling anxious. Do this for a few moments and try to consciously start breathing more deeply.  The reason is because when we are anxious we have a tendency to breathe in a more shallow fashion.

Make a conscious effort to fill up the abdominal/diaphragm/belly area with deep mindful breaths. Then slowly exhale while feeling the anxiety release from every part of your body.  Literally picture it leaving with every exhale. Proper oxygen sent to the brain can immediately bring you a sense of relaxation allowing your anxiety to diminish.

3.) Have a Cup of Tea – Chamomile is an herb that has been used to treat symptoms associated with anxiety for thousands of years.  It is even used in many cultures as a treatment for certain physical ailments as well. Studies have demonstrated that a cup of chamomile tea has an anxiolytic effect to the nerves. A cup of chamomile tea with a little bit of natural fresh honey is a good choice, but nowadays it can be taken as a supplement.  Just go to your local vitamin or health food store and I am sure they will have a chamomile supplement for you to take in a pill format.

However, I would strongly recommend investing the time into making your-self a nice cup of fresh chamomile tea.  I find this to work best.  If you have a Keurig you can even simply pop a K-Cup of chamomile tea in and drink that, or you can go looking for some fresh chamomile herbs and make yourself an even fresher cup of relaxing tea. The longer the chamomile herb is consumed, no matter what the format of consumption is, the more effective it can be.  So it is important to take it consistently if you want the most out of it.

4.) Have Some Bananas – There are numerous health benefits that can be found in bananas but anxiety sufferers will be ecstatic to hear that they work as an all-natural beta blocker, which can actually block adrenaline!  Eating a banana or two a half hour before an anxiety-provoking event has been shown to actually help reduce symptoms of anxiety.  The best part is, they’re cheap and can be found in your grocers aisle without a prescription.

5.) Use Lavender – Just like chamomile, lavender is an herb that has been around for centuries and has been used widely to treat symptoms of anxiety.  You can add lavender scented bath salts to a warm bath, light a lavender scented candle, or buy it in an oil format.  Many people like to use lavender scented oils in an oil diffuser for aromatherapy.  There are even lavender scented pillows, shampoos, stuffed animals, soaps, sleep masks, and laundry detergent. Pick whichever you would like but lavender as a bath salt or used in aromatherapy with an oil diffuser seem to work the best. Here is a link to an Amazon Oil Diffuser that I use:


And…some oils to use in the oil diffuser including lavender for some aromatherapy that you can do on your own in your house:


6.) Get More Omega-3 – Omega-3s are fatty acids that can increase serotonin, a chemical that sufferers of anxiety and depression are often lacking. Incorporate omega-3s into your diet by eating more fish such as salmon or by taking a supplement containing 700-1,000 mg of EPA and 200-500 mg of DHA daily.

7. )Take a Warm Bath – When was the last time you were stressed out while in a bathtub? A long, warm bath is sometimes the best ritual to end the day, and it never fails to induce a relaxing feeling. When our bodies experience warmth, we are reducing muscle tension and anxiety. Heat loosens tensions in the muscles and studies suggest that a warmth sensation may change the neuronic circuits that control cognitive function and mood, leading to a happier, more relaxed self. Whether it is in a sauna or a bathtub, our bodies are hardwired to associate feelings of warmth with relaxation and tranquility.

8.) Drink More Water – If you are dehydrated, your mind and body do not function very well. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. No matter how busy the day is, remember to pause and keep yourself hydrated. Well hydrated body leads to a well hydrated mind. As a result, you will do better in keeping anxiety level at bay.

9.) Grab Something to Eat (Healthy Food) – Starved people have increased tendency to have little threshold for stress. Hunger is one of the biggest reasons why people cannot think straight and get irritable at the slightest hint of aggravation. So, grab something to eat! Healthy snacks like a bar of dark chocolate, a cup of walnuts, or a protein bar have a capacity to keep you going for a longer period of time rather than the usual bread, cookies, or chips.

By healthy, we mean starting off the day with a combination of complex carbohydrates such as oats, wheat bread and filling proteins like eggs. Then as the day goes, as much as possible, a larger portion of your meals should be dedicated towards vegetables, and try to include a slice of fruit in every meal as well. Also, try eating lunch and dinner at the right time. By the way, seafood is healthier and friendlier to the mind and body.

10. Write Your Anxiety Away – Try the strategy of writing down the anxiety-causing thought, in conventional pen-and-paper method, or perhaps even in a blog online J. The beauty of journaling is you can become more mindful of the source of your stress and then be better suited to try and release it. No matter what you are ranting about, at the end of it your journal you have released the stressful thoughts from your system.

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