Overcoming Your Fears 

Don’t let fears rule your decisions and life. I like to think about the word fear as an acronym that stands for, false evidence appearing real. I thank one of my favorite spiritual teachers Dr. Wayne Dyer for that awesome acronym. It is so very true though. I’m sure many of us have heard the great quote by Franklin Delano Roosevelt “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Our fear only serves to make us anxious, depressed, and sometimes it keeps us from doing the things we really want to do. When I speak of fear I do not speak of fear in terms of being robbed at gunpoint or having a lion jump right in front of your face and roar at you. This form of fear is brought upon by the body to help for survival. I am referencing the more ruminating type of fear that is long lasting, which does nothing for us.

Let’s take for example the fear of change. Many of us fear change. It is normal and natural for humans to feel safe and secure in what is already known rather than in the unknown possibilities. We may even feel deeply that we really want something for ourselves. This something may be a career change or a new relationship or moving to a new country or starting a family of your own. If you have done your research into this new change, and you have talked to other people about it, and you yourself have reflected upon it for longer then at least 15 minutes and you still very strongly feel deeply that you want this but are only confronted with the fear of the unknown and the change itself, then you should probably just go ahead and make the change no matter your fears.

Call that your gut instinct or call it divine inspiration, either way this is probably something that is trying to show you your true path. Just don’t allow your fears to hold you back from your true path in life. Don’t allow your fears to keep your music inside of you. Let your music play for the world to enjoy.

Just make the change, do your best, trust in yourself, and remember to always accept yourself in every waking moment.

I would dare to bet you that every new invention and every new theory that ever was had been precipitated by the individuals own fear, but they did not allow that fear to hold them back from doing what they felt they needed and wanted to do. Without the power and ability to overcome the fear of change, we would all just feel stuck and never feel the true joy and bliss that is being a human being on this wonderful earth.

God bless us all. Namaste.

– Greek Guru Guy

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