The Greek Guru Guy?

Greek guru guy coffee

So who is the Greek Guru Guy and what is this all about?

Well, the Greek Guru Guy is a school counselor in training by day, and a lifelong admirer of all things spiritual, humorous, logical, and plain old happy by night. Yes, I’m totally like the Greek spiritual Batman. Just kidding…or am I??? 

The Greek Guru Guy’s personal life and work has always incorporated mindfulness and meditation. I have studied lots of things from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, Positive Psychology, and others and have been using it in my work and life of course. I find most of my inspiration and knowledge from spiritual leaders, comedians, and many others. I guess I am also like a Sarcastic Spiritual Sage. Not all my jokes are funny but at least I try 😉

Live, Love, Laugh right? 

On a personal note, I call myself the Greek Guru Guy because I think it’s funny, rhymes, is catchy, and is easy for people understand who and what my site and posts are all about. I’m silly and I talk about spirituality and mental health from my own experiences and years of training. I’m here only to help people and inspire them to think a different way. Plus the website and posts help keep me inspired and happy. I hope they do the same for you.


Hopefully this site is a humorous and enjoyable way to laugh and smile while also learning new and interesting ways to can live a more fulfilled and happy life. I attempt to share my knowledge and experiences with you all in the hope that it can help. I share things I have learned throughout the years, exciting information regarding well-being and spirituality from others I have come across, and also shares my own opinions regarding how to achieve a self-fulfilled life without being a complete idiot.


Every day in every way we are ALL getting better, better, and better!


P.S. — Please feel free to comment. share, message me, email me, send me a pigeon with instructions on how to get to Hogwarts, or anything else because this really makes it all worth it when I can share it with others whether you agree or disagree with me. Either way. Feel free to push my buttons on something you may disagree with, or feel like I may have overlooked. I want your input and your feedback along with your positivity.



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