Thoughts: Capitalism and the Media

Capitalism was important in America due to the idea that we needed to break away from the power and control of a government run by a few, or at that time the monarchy in England.  Private industry was pushed and less federal government control was needed to separate ourselves from the previously known system in England which is where most of America’s forefathers came from.  Back then it might have seemed like a great idea, capitalism to lessen the power of the elite and give power back to the people.

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A Day at the Ocean

Guided Imagery Meditation Script

Start by taking a few deep breaths…. slowly…. and evenly…..remembering to let your belly rise as you breathe in…. and to let it fall as you breathe out

Remember to breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth…

Now return to your normal breathing, don’t try to change it, but keep breathing in and out, focusing on how your body feels at this moment. Feel the pace of your body becoming slower.

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

You can quit a job, a relationship, a friend, a school, a commitment, a religion, a hobby, or anything else you want. You must do what feels right and what you want to do. Choose when you’re able to find at least a few minutes of calm even if it’s one time a week for 5 minutes. Quit whatever you want. But don’t quit on yourself. Never. Ever. I don’t allow you to. I won’t allow you to. You will make it through this. Time heals all wounds. Just don’t quit on yourself and the universe will at some point set it all straight for you. Be kind, be honest, and be of service. Especially to yourself and others. You can quit people, just treat them kindly when you do, and remember that I don’t allow you to quit on yourself. The Greek Guru Guy does not allow you to do so.

I’m Bringin’ Feedback

I stared at the paper before me, red marks covering its many pages.  The comments were long and accompanied by an excess of words being crossed out.  Grammatical errors were pervasive, though they weren’t apparent at the time of the paper’s writing.  I eventually reached the end of what seemed like an endless critique to find the biggest whammy of them all.  I got a final grade of a B-.

I hear you laughing, but let me finish!  The shock took a few minutes to wear off.  “How could I get such a low grade?” I thought to myself.  After all, I had always been considered a good writer.  What happened this time?  I did the exact same thing I always did:  thought up a topic, wrote my paper, and turned it in.  Yet this time, I didn’t receive the usual A that I was used to.  I felt out of my league and concerned about my college career.  This was the first major grade I received from a college professor, and while not terrible, it certainly wasn’t what I desired.  Continue reading

21 Day Meditation Challenge

21 day meditation challenge accepted! 👍🏼😃 Day 1 starts today! I will be using a guided meditation via the Calm app on my smartphone (I highly recommend using this app for beginners and even for more advanced meditation individuals). Every day will be a different meditation focused on various aspects on mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, and overall holistic, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Follow my 21 day journey as I post every day on my meditation progress and give updates on the journey. Simply follow my journey on social media (Instagram – greek_guru_guy) (Twitter – @GreekGuruGuy) (Facebook – or comment/like to help encourage, motivate, or even congratulate me if you wish. Or better yet, follow my journey so you can start your own 21 day meditation challenge. Researchers and scientists nowadays say that doing anything for 21 days straight helps make it a habit that you can continue doing. So come follow my journey and then start your own 21 day meditation habit yourself.

Stay calm and stay cool everyone.


στην υγεια μας


In Spirit Inspiration

Do what makes you happy! In work, vacation, downtime, life decisions, social time, and everything else! You are the expert of your own life. As much as I love the work of counsellors, social workers, and psychologists, none of them can make you happy and give you the answers. As long as they are good at what they do, they are there to help you find that motivation and confidence inside of you to find your own happiness, peace, direction, and inspiration. 

Realistic Positivity

Just because some people like to identify themselves as realistic, that does not mean that realism equates to negativity. Some people like to confuse a realistic view on their lives, especially when things aren’t going well for them, with a negative and pessimistic view on life. It’s true, there are negative things that happen in life. However, positive people do not ignore the negativity that may be out there. They make the conscious decision to choose positivity over negativity in the hopes that this effort will make a change for the better. Your view on life is up to you. Make it negative. Or make it positive. Both are realistic as long as you believe it. Life is all about perception and belief.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 

Stop Arguing. Start Educating. 

Why does a debate in which two sides don’t agree always have to end in arguing or feelings getting hurt? Why when we debate do we never see someone stop and change their mind on something because the debate has changed their mind? Change isn’t a sign of weakness (depending on the reasoning and intention for it), admitting you may have been slightly wrong and wish to incorporate someone else’s opinions or facts into your thinking processes is a sign of education not weakness and flip flopping. Why do we always have to be right? Even though we know there are two sides to everything (at least) and there’s never one side that’s completely right or wrong. Why do we have to yell, scream, insult, incite violence, and flat out ignore at times every one else on the other end of the aisle? Why does being wrong sometimes correlate with being wrong all the time, not trusting his or her opinion anymore, or thinking that person is now an idiot because they were wrong or changed their mind. I just want to see people debating in a way that incites creative thinking, logic, new patterns of thinking, and in the pursuit of knowledge and working together. Not because I’m right and you’re wrong and I’ll debate you to show you why I’m better than you. Or to debate just because we need to complain and yell about someone or something that we hate. Why do debates seem to always have to end in who was right, who was wrong, who came out on top, who came out looking stupid, and who won the debate and is now the authority on all things correlating to that topic? I just don’t see too many debates nowadays where one side at least if not all sides come out feeling like they’ve grown together, learned something new, and have come to some better understanding or accord with the other person(s). I want more of this. I want more debates and discussions where the goal is to come together and grow and learn from each other. Continents. Nations. Villages. Communities. Divided we fall. Together we grow. Education, compassion, and community feeling. Nurture these components and see humanity grow together for the better. There is no point to anything if we can’t be happy and help make others happier as well. 

Want vs Having 

Watch your words. Even as positive and proactive as you may think they. If you say you “want” to be calm, happy, etc… then you will always “want” to be happy, calm, etc… If you pay attention to your words and always say things in the affirmative such as “I Am Calm” then you are owning your words and telling the universe who and what you are. You are calm, beautiful, wonderful, and peaceful