7 Ways to Become More Mindful Without Meditating 


1.) Exercise without music. 

Exercising with headphones is supposed to keep you motivated and positive about your workout correct? While I definitely do not disagree with this, I do think that it takes away from training yourself to be more in the present moment. Nobody disagrees that being mindful and in the present moment helps release stress, reduces anxiety, and also reduces depression, however, many people still struggle to see all the little tiny ways in which we are purposefully not being mindful.

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Understanding the Evil Eye “Kako Mati”


The evil eye is a belief that a particular person may cast a malicious gaze which will cause another person, animal, plant, or other property to become ill, die, suffer grievous harm, or inflict bad luck upon someone toward whom they are either openly or even unknowingly envious towards. The evil eye belief is extremely ancient having been referenced as early as 3000 B.C. with the Sumerians, then on to Babylon, then in 7th Century B.C. Acadian and Assyrian literature, in ancient Greek and Roman writings, and finally in the Hebrew Bible and in more modern Judeo-Christian culture and traditions. The historian and biographer Plutarch, described in his De Iside how the Egyptian goddess of nature Isis killed the son of the Byblos by a mere glance of her eye. The Egyptian Book of the Dead, a manual for ancient priests used around 1000 B.C., has numerous instructions for incantations, charms, and amulets to defend against the evil eye. Continue reading

A New Me

What do I say… how do I start this… well, life can throw you some curve balls sometimes. It’s an interesting process when you put your whole life into something, and then it’s gone. It can be anything. It can be a career, a relationship, a loved one dies, a hobby, some other life goal, and just about anything that you can put your everything into and focus on for more parts of a day than not. Something that you start to identify with. When someone asks you “Who are you?”, you’ll respond with this thing that you’ve put everything into. Then if you take this thing away from your life, from your everyday process, from basically part of your identity… it’s scary. It’s a major life change whether you know it or not.  Continue reading

STOP Saying You’re Sorry to EVERYTHING!

In my experiences I have come across many a person that seems to apologize for even the slightest thing that goes wrong in a day. This type of individual is usually someone who works for someone else (non-independent type job), is some sort of paid or unpaid intern/extern, or is a student. These types of people tell their significant other, their boss, the cashier at Walgreens, a driver who cut them off, their friend(s), their pets even that they are sorry for the slightest things. YES, if someone does not work out in the ideal way that you had it pictured in your mind, then we have a slight instance of what I call the “oh shit” feeling. Continue reading

Stop Arguing. Start Educating. 

Why does a debate in which two sides don’t agree always have to end in arguing or feelings getting hurt? Why when we debate do we never see someone stop and change their mind on something because the debate has changed their mind? Change isn’t a sign of weakness (depending on the reasoning and intention for it), admitting you may have been slightly wrong and wish to incorporate someone else’s opinions or facts into your thinking processes is a sign of education not weakness and flip flopping. Why do we always have to be right? Even though we know there are two sides to everything (at least) and there’s never one side that’s completely right or wrong. Why do we have to yell, scream, insult, incite violence, and flat out ignore at times every one else on the other end of the aisle? Why does being wrong sometimes correlate with being wrong all the time, not trusting his or her opinion anymore, or thinking that person is now an idiot because they were wrong or changed their mind. I just want to see people debating in a way that incites creative thinking, logic, new patterns of thinking, and in the pursuit of knowledge and working together. Not because I’m right and you’re wrong and I’ll debate you to show you why I’m better than you. Or to debate just because we need to complain and yell about someone or something that we hate. Why do debates seem to always have to end in who was right, who was wrong, who came out on top, who came out looking stupid, and who won the debate and is now the authority on all things correlating to that topic? I just don’t see too many debates nowadays where one side at least if not all sides come out feeling like they’ve grown together, learned something new, and have come to some better understanding or accord with the other person(s). I want more of this. I want more debates and discussions where the goal is to come together and grow and learn from each other. Continents. Nations. Villages. Communities. Divided we fall. Together we grow. Education, compassion, and community feeling. Nurture these components and see humanity grow together for the better. There is no point to anything if we can’t be happy and help make others happier as well.